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Bottle-pack is an environmentally friendly packaging for bottles. Based on paper in a structure of paper honeycomb, is it light, strong, biodegradable, recyclable and even compressible after use.

How to use – 4 easy steps …


What kind of bottles ?

The flexible paper honeycomb material allows you to pack different bottle sizes in the Bottle-Pack. Normal bottles shaped as “Bordeaux bottle” are easy to use, but you can also use bottles in the shape of Bourgounge and the shape of Champagne. You just “squeeze” down the bottle, and the material will ajust a bit.

That’s easy !


Environmentally friendly packaging

Honeycomb Cellpack A/S manufactures solely environmentally friendly packaging based on natural products and therefore our products are biodegradable, recyclable and even compressible after use.


Honeycomb Cellpack packaging is made from paper material which is quickly decomposed if it is not reused. Packaging based on paper is decomposed within a few months – depending of course on the thickness of the paper.


Watch video – how to use

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Watch video – drop test

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Contact and where to buy?

Bottle-Pack is sold by a number of wholesalers distributing packaging materials. Ask your packaging wholesaler, or contact Honeycomb Cellpack


More about us ?

recycable-logo-300-bred-ver2Bottle-Pack is made by Danish company Honeycomb Cellpack. We specialize in packaging solutions based on paper honeycomb.

You can visit our website here – www.honeycomb-cellpack.com